Some people are just born better. And have a missing dad and bowtie-clad cat.

Stat Value Max
HP 40 40
XP - -
Stat Value Mod
STR 13 1
DEX 8 -2
CON 8 -2
INT 10 0
WIS 14 2
CHA 11 0
Pokemon Species Level Type
Aloysius Purrloin 5 Dark
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -

Name: Byzantium Hemming AKA “Byzz”
Age: 15
Gender: Gentleman
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 143 lbs.

The son of a famous Cryptzoologist, Byzantium wound up in Solfege while accompanying his father on an expedition to the region’s Safari Zone. Bringing along only the base necessities (A wardrobe, accessories, no more than two servants), a house was rented in Perden Town and plans were made. Things were going swimmingly, with Byzantium nearly managing to fit in to his new surroundings; unfortunately, on his routine daily scout trip into the Safari Zone, Dr. Hemming didn’t come back. This was terrible news for Byzz; with his father gone, the family’s accounts were frozen, and with them any chance of Byzz getting off the island. After sequestering himself in the rental house Dr. Hemming had acquired, Byzantium eventually decided he might as well make the best of things and begin his journey, having planned on something of the sort once the expedition was over.

Byzantium, as if his name didn’t give it away, comes from money. With the natural grace that comes easy to someone who’s never had to put in a hard day’s work in their life, Byzz saunters through life with an air of superiority and a mild face of arrogance that seems to say “Some people are just born better. Who am I to question it?”
Byzz has led somewhat of a sheltered life up to this point; this journey is pretty much the farthest he has ever left his place of residence. While aggressively developing agreeable social skills will be a must, until then Byzz has a general un-knowledge of how the real world works and all of the fallout that accompanies it; this does not mix well with his semi-short fuse whenever things fail to work out how he thinks they should.
Not that Byzantium is a complete monster or anything; He does care deeply for his companions and his friends, while holding no grudge against those he sees lesser than himself; only that they should acknowledge their place in life.

How He Met His Pokemans:
Aloysius, Byzantium’s Purrloin, was given to him as a gift by his father in preparations for their Solfege excursion; Byzz had mentioned wanting to start a Pokemon Journey over dinner once and the elder Hemming decided he might as well start learning. Byzz was smitten, and has graced Alou (as he is sometimes called) with a while bowtie, which the Purrloin wears with pride.


Pokemon: Tenor and Alto Gujin