Jock. Also a jerk.

Stat Value Max
HP 70 70
XP - -
Stat Value Mod
STR 12 1
DEX 11 0
CON 14 2
INT 8 -2
WIS 7 -3
CHA 12 1
Pokemon Species Level Type
Charlotte Spinarak 5 Bug/Poison
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -

Cute Idol
Fashion Designer


Name: Buff
Age: 17
Gender: Dude
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 180

Buff is a little blunt, so he can come off as sort of a jerk. A lot of the time, he just doesn’t “get” it – “it” perhaps being somebody’s motivations, like why they’re so worked up or depressed about something, or maybe “it” being why it might be strange for a guy to be a Cute Idol. He isn’t always that imperceptive, though.

He’s also quiet a lot out of simply not knowing what to say, but unafraid to speak his mind when he has to. He’s pretty level-headed, and it’s rare to see him actually get worked up about something.

Buff is a jock – he’s spent most of his life roughhousing and playing sports, so he’s pretty toned up. He’s secretly pretty excited about starting his POKEMON JOURNEY.

He has an older brother who lives at home named Russet who suggested jokingly one day he become a coordinator and enter contests, a suggestion which he took at face value and is now working towards.

Meeting Charlotte was accidental – he was walking through the woods looking for a Hoothoot in preparation for the journey and accidentally walked face-first into a spiderweb. He is secretly very fond of her because she was his very first Pokemon!!!


Pokemon: Tenor and Alto irukandji