Game Information

System: Pokemon Tabletop Adventures
POKEMON: TENOR AND ALTO is played every Sunday at 2 PM central time in #incipisphere.

Character Creation

Character creation is detailed in the sourcebook at the above link. You may take up to two Pokemon to start your journey, both of which must come from one of two sources:

  • Chosen from a list of common starting-area Pokemon. These are Pokemon that your trainer caught in preparation for their journey, but some less common Pokemon may require a role-playing justification (denoted with an asterisk on the list). Please note that while these aren’t required for other Pokemon, they’re always encouraged!
  • Provided in-game before your journey departs. This Pokemon may be any starting Pokemon from any generation, but there’s no way to know which you’ll get before it’s issued to you.
    You may take both from one source, one from each, or just one Pokemon (should you choose the last, your single Pokemon will be given added initial strength, and you won’t have to bother splitting experience after battles either!)

Reference Material

Towns, cities, and other locations in the Solfege region.
A list of trainer classes, both #based and advanced.

Pokemon: Tenor and Alto

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